Brain Dump Friday

Brain Dump Friday…
I really like the printer paper I bought the last time. Yay Staples!

I’ve been watching all the seasons of LOST lately, and I wonder if I were in the same position as Jack, would I blindly follow or would I fight all the way. Would I have ever had it in me to leave the island? Had I left, would I have gone back? BTW, it’s got to be exhausting being so good-looking and talented.

Am I the only one who sees faces in ordinary things? The front of a house, stereos systems, certain cars…I see faces. That makes me smile.

I like Jessup’s alarm sound…it’s a happy little song, that iPhone doesn’t have, and that’s the only thing I miss about my Droid.

Speaking of songs, I’ve had the song “Downtown” stuck in my head for a few days. I don’t know if I heard it somewhere, or what, but it’s starting to drive me crazy. Maybe I should take a walk downtown, and see if it helps with all the noise and the hurry.

I don’t think anyone reads these anymore, so I may stop.

I worry sometimes that things I do offend people. We all just have to live our lives, right? Some live differently than others. Some make choices that others wouldn’t make. I saw a sign recently that said, “Don’t judge me because I sin differently than you do”. But I don’t think a difference in lifestyle is necessarily sin. I think it’s just a difference in lifestyle, or personality, or beliefs.

I overheard someone talking about me (and my pretty, polka dot mixer) in church on Sunday, and it hurt so deeply. Something that I loved, and was proud of, and didn’t think was a waste of time was judged as just that…a waste of time. Time that I could have better spent doing God’s work or something more ‘worthwhile’. I thought it was worthwhile. Walking into my kitchen and looking at it makes me smile, and there are still plenty of days when a smile is hard to find. You may never see that, but in reality, don’t you just see what I CHOOSE to show you? You’d be amazed at how good I am at ‘faking it’. I’ve had a lifetime of practice. Having a childhood like mine, you learn very quickly to get over things, and look happy. I’m fighting some demons right now, and not sleeping well. Clearly that’s a bad combination.

This was not intended to be a rant, I apologize. Maybe I shouldn’t be so liberal in the dumping of my brain, but this has been on my mind all week.I think I need to blog again…

That is all.


Baking…made better.


I have this thing for polka dots. It’s not just that I like polka dots.

It’s more of an obsession.

I saw this pin on Pinterest, and I bought the dots immediately. (Even though I didn’t yet own a stand mixer.)

I’ve wanted one for years, and I knew that if I bought the dots, I’d have to finally break down and buy one. Otherwise, the money I spent on the dots would be wasted, because I’d never be able to figure out just the right thing to do with the dots. (I get overwhelmed easily)

Dave’s wife did it first, and sold me the dots, so all credit goes to her!

Here she is, the newest addition to my kitchen! Isn’t she just gorgeous???

DIY – The Guest Book

I have to say that I got this idea from Jen. I found her site through Pinterest, and I was so inspired that I went out the next day, and got the few things I didn’t already have to make this book. I’m thrilled with it, and wanted to share it with you.

She made her book to house the cards she received when she got married, and my original thought was to make a book for the sympathy cards I’ve received since my mom’s death. But I’ve also been having trouble finding a guest book for our home, so I changed things up just a little, and made a guest book.

I will make one for the cards, but we have a guest coming into town today, and I wanted to have the guest book first.

You’ll need to read her post for full directions. I’m only posting my variation.

Here is the book:

Here are my changes to Jen’s beautiful design:

I used two rings. It will be opened again and again, and I felt that two rings gave it more stability, and more of a book-like feel.

I like the book better with the sides of the cardboard covered, so I cut the paper for the front and back of the book about 1/2 inch larger than the cardboard, and then used the glue (Crafting Goop) to glue it over the sides and onto the inside of the book. I then cut the paper for the inside of the page just slightly smaller than the cardboard, so that when it is glued over the edges that came over from the front, it looks like the inside of a regular book, and the edges from the front are hidden.

I used sheets of card stock for the pages. I found them at Hobby Lobby (approx. 100 for $5) and they are the perfect size for a small note, date, and signature. I used 50 of the cards. They had multiple colors; I used cream. They are 4.5 X 6.5 in size.

For the front, I used just one sheet of paper. You can use two or more, but when I tested the sheets with the doodads I used to spell out welcome, it looked too cluttery for me. Besides, I like the theme of dots. :)

To make the “welcome”: I used sliding beads that came with alphabet stickers. You simply stick on whatever letters you want to make your word, and then slide them onto ribbon. I used a purple ribbon that was wider than the slot for the beads, so it would “fill out” at the beginning and end of the word. Then I used small blue brads (they match the larger ribbon I used to tie the book together) to attach the ribbon to the front of the book. The sliding beads were rather heavy, and the word hung a bit more than I thought it would, so the brads were necessary to keep it straight. The sliding beads and brads are from Spare Parts. I found them in the scrapbooking aisle.

I then faced to problem of how to affix the ribbon. Since I needed to hide the brads on the inside of the book, and I wanted the ribbon to have a clean (and not messy) edge, I wrapped the ribbon around to the inside, trimmed it so it would lay flat, and then just glued it down with Crafter’s Goop. (wonderful, but stinky) You can see on the left here is the brad, completely covered, and the ribbon, glued (with a slight overlay) securely to the inside.

I affixed the ribbon to tie the book together just as Jen did, only I used brads that have little circles and dots to keep with my theme. My ribbon is an ocean blue (hard to tell from the pics) and it matches the small brads I used to affix the purple ribbon at the top of the book.

I was a little too eager to make this, and I forgot to attach the blue ribbon before I put the paper on the inside of the back page, so I had to improvise with a small piece of the polka dot paper to cover the brads. It looks just fine, just don’t forget to put the brads in first if you don’t want the extra step.

The biggest thing is to make sure you measure!!! I did, and my pages are all straight, and they line up beautifully. They are even with the cover (front and back) on the inside (where the rings are), and tucked in beautifully on the outer, top, and bottom edges.

I think I will make a few more of these for various purposes…Bible study/church, favorite recipes, and maybe even make some for friends.

This was a very fun project. Thanks Jen!!!

Brain Dump Friday

Brain Dump Day!
Why do cats always look like their smiling until you’re pretty sure you ticked them off? Then they look at you like your life hangs in the balance, and you’d better tread lightly.
I saw something that read “If I’m weird around you, it’s because I’m comfortable”. Isn’t it funny how true that is? In thinking about this statement, I have realized that I have several levels of “weirdness”. Some get it all, some get none. How sad that there are people I should be close to who I’m still so uncomfortable around, that I’m straight as an arrow. It’s a huge personality difference, and a feeling on my part that I’m not cared about. I suppose that’s why I don’t try harder. They’ve seen me be weird with other people, but when it’s just us, there’s not a trace of the “real” me. It’s always just a polite surface conversation, and we both seem to want to run the other way as soon as possible. And then there are some people I haven’t seen forever, and I’m pretty sure we’d pick up right where we left off, and the weirdness would be so epic that we’d be in our own bubble – and totally not care at all…everything would be funnier, and brighter, and better, just because they were there.
There have been times in my life when someone has lied to me, and I’ve wished so hard that their pants would catch on fire. Why doesn’t it work like that? *pouts*
I think it’s funny how, if you quote a line from a movie, you say that line just as it was said in the movie. Even if it’s unintentional, you still say it a certain way. Every time I say “I was just wondering…”, it’s exactly the same way that Meg Ryan said it in Sleepless In Seattle after she asked about the widowed/widowered thing. Every. Time.
I think that if I had gargoyles on any part of my property it would freak me out and I wouldn’t be able to sleep.
I would like to try platform shoes, but I have two fears: First that I’d fall immediately and break something, and that would be embarrassing to explain. Second that when I walked in them, I’d look like a duck. I’m sticking to my Chucks.
I miss football.
BTW…I’m myself around all of you…even you…it’s that weird guy in the corner ;).
That is all.

The Evolution Of The Extra Room

Not many people are blessed enough to have a home with an “Extra Room”. I’m grateful every day for the space we have in our home. I hope and pray that this room is used to its fullest potential, and is comfortable to all who stay in it.

When we moved in a year ago, it was the Office. It also functioned as a napping room for one of my daycare kids. It was also a storage room.


Then, when we decided to bring my mother into our home, it became Mom’s Room. A couple of friends came over and helped me strip the wallpaper off the walls and ceiling. That took 7 1/2 hours. It was a Saturday.



The next day (Sunday) was my anniversary, and the next day (Monday) was the day my mom went into the ICU in Des Moines. She never left the ICU. That week was Spring Break for me, and I had planned to use that time to finish stripping the walls, and paint the walls, and get the room ready for my mom. I moved into the ICU room to be with her every moment. She died Friday of that week.

The room sat empty (and incomplete) for over a month. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t go in there. Every time I walked in, I cried.

We had to have the ceiling repaired (due to cracks underneath the wallpaper), so a friend of ours came in and did that. The ceiling was drywalled, and textured, and painted, and it looks like new now.



I can finally go into the room without bawling every time, so we have now finished painting the walls.The picture molding is up. A carpet remnant is down on the floor (which is not in the best shape), and we moved my mom’s furniture into the room. Her furniture has been sitting in the garage for nearly three months because the room wasn’t finished.


All that needs to be done now is to decorate. I think that will be fun. I’ve decided on some coordinating colors to go with the walls, and it will be the first room I’ve ever decorated.

I think that (aside from the color) my mom would have loved the room. Boysenberry Jam is the name of the color. It’s Valspar. We got it at Lowe’s. It took two coats to cover the walls. Our walls are plaster. As you can see from one of the above pictures, one coat wasn’t enough. I’m not a big fan of purple, but I’m using it anyway. I can’t have all the rooms be a grayish-blue and brown. (This is me branching out; growing as a person)

Our first guest comes into town on Friday to stay with us. I hope it is comfortable for him. He’s a Navy buddy of Barry’s, and I’ve never met him.  ::nervous::

I will post a couple more pics when I get the room completed.

EDIT: It’s done! Here are a few more pictures…

Since the walls are a deep purple, I’m trying not to use much purple anywhere else. I want that to be the main color. The sheets on the bed are green, but they won’t be seen, so the main color for the bed is a silver/gray color. Two pillows are purple, but they are a nice accent with all that grey. Also: Gray cat. *sigh* There’s a picture above the bed with trees (because I have to have trees). The tea cart has pics of friends and family, and those pictures will change now and then. I wanted green to be the “punch color”, so there are pops of bright green all over the room. There is a green lamp with a white shade that has green trim. Next to the bed is a green side table and the hideous old dresser (that magically matches the wood in the room). On the dresser is a glass thing with green decorative balls in it. Above the dresser is a mirror, framed in a dark silver, that I hung by myself. *pats back* Gray guest towels are ready to go on my mom’s hope chest, and a rocker that’s as old as Noah. (Not really, but I think it’s the chair my grandmother rocked my dad in as a baby…so that’s pre-1932) All in all, I’m pretty happy with it. There are a couple more things I need, but it’s done enough for now.

– Kicks

Brain Dump Friday

Every Friday (almost every Friday) on Facebook I post a status called “Brain Dump Friday”.

I post whatever random things pop into my head.

This was yesterday’s:

I got polka dots in the mail. I found out you can buy polka dots online, and I bought 400 of them. I have big, BIG plans for them! Barry is afraid to come home and see what will have polka dots on it. (Too bad the ceilings in this house are white…so are my dots. Can you imagine how fun it would be to look up and see polka dots??? I think that would fun to look at. Maybe it’s time to paint the ceilings…)
My cat keeps wanting to play fetch with me, and I don’t want to. But then he looks at me with those big green eyes, and I’m such a sucker. His ball is by my feet right now, but I’m extremely busy with this. He just glared at me when I told him ;).
I’m on what appears to be the second day of a migraine. I haven’t left the house for two full days, and I need to go out, but I can’t even get dressed in “outside of the house” clothes.
In my office is a chair. A chair that used to be my Grandmother’s, and then got passed down to my mother, and now it is mine. It is apparently the most comfortable chair in the entire world. Yes, folks, it does exist, and I have it. I will never get to sit in it though, because I can’t pry a cat out of it long enough to get in it. One or the other is always in it. Cats are jerks.
It’s been 120 days since I last tweeted. I think everyone knows what that means by now, and I don’t have to explain. If you don’t know, it’s not dirty. There should be some kind of coin or pin for that.
I still don’t care for purple, but the guest room looks very nice, and I’m happy with the color. I keep walking in there, but every time I do, I apologize to my mom, and walk out. I’m not sure why, or what that’s about. We got the carpet remnant last night, and it’s rolled out now. It feels amazing to walk on carpet again. I kind of miss it. Not in the “Let’s carpet the whole house” way, but more in the “Let’s consider carpet remnants for a couple more rooms” way. It cost more to bind the edges than to buy the whole piece of carpet. Weird. It was still reasonable…far more so than carpeting a room would be.
I think it’s funny that my husbands shaving cream can says “ultra sensitive” and directly below that it says “ultra sensible”, which I assume is the French word for “sensitive”, but I always take that as, “Hey, Vicki, well done! You’ve made a wise choice and the universe is proud of you. Just don’t use me like you did that one time in a pinch. I have aloe and that makes for a pretty horrible scenario.” To which I reply, “Oh, I remember that rash very well…very well indeed.” This causes me to make a face. Then I stop talking to the can of shaving cream and go about my daily activities.
That is all.

I don’t think anyone read passed the polka dots.

And one person is constantly accusing me of being a goody two shoes…like we’re still in grade school. It’s childish, and it really bothers me. I’m a grown woman, and I’ve made plenty of mistakes, and proven myself to be bad on more than one occasion. I’m going to stop responding to him. I don’t even understand how any of that would qualify as “goody-anything”. Whatever.

All of my brain dumps are truth.

I mostly leave out the sad stuff.