The Evolution Of The Extra Room

Not many people are blessed enough to have a home with an “Extra Room”. I’m grateful every day for the space we have in our home. I hope and pray that this room is used to its fullest potential, and is comfortable to all who stay in it.

When we moved in a year ago, it was the Office. It also functioned as a napping room for one of my daycare kids. It was also a storage room.


Then, when we decided to bring my mother into our home, it became Mom’s Room. A couple of friends came over and helped me strip the wallpaper off the walls and ceiling. That took 7 1/2 hours. It was a Saturday.



The next day (Sunday) was my anniversary, and the next day (Monday) was the day my mom went into the ICU in Des Moines. She never left the ICU. That week was Spring Break for me, and I had planned to use that time to finish stripping the walls, and paint the walls, and get the room ready for my mom. I moved into the ICU room to be with her every moment. She died Friday of that week.

The room sat empty (and incomplete) for over a month. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t go in there. Every time I walked in, I cried.

We had to have the ceiling repaired (due to cracks underneath the wallpaper), so a friend of ours came in and did that. The ceiling was drywalled, and textured, and painted, and it looks like new now.



I can finally go into the room without bawling every time, so we have now finished painting the walls.The picture molding is up. A carpet remnant is down on the floor (which is not in the best shape), and we moved my mom’s furniture into the room. Her furniture has been sitting in the garage for nearly three months because the room wasn’t finished.


All that needs to be done now is to decorate. I think that will be fun. I’ve decided on some coordinating colors to go with the walls, and it will be the first room I’ve ever decorated.

I think that (aside from the color) my mom would have loved the room. Boysenberry Jam is the name of the color. It’s Valspar. We got it at Lowe’s. It took two coats to cover the walls. Our walls are plaster. As you can see from one of the above pictures, one coat wasn’t enough. I’m not a big fan of purple, but I’m using it anyway. I can’t have all the rooms be a grayish-blue and brown. (This is me branching out; growing as a person)

Our first guest comes into town on Friday to stay with us. I hope it is comfortable for him. He’s a Navy buddy of Barry’s, and I’ve never met him.  ::nervous::

I will post a couple more pics when I get the room completed.

EDIT: It’s done! Here are a few more pictures…

Since the walls are a deep purple, I’m trying not to use much purple anywhere else. I want that to be the main color. The sheets on the bed are green, but they won’t be seen, so the main color for the bed is a silver/gray color. Two pillows are purple, but they are a nice accent with all that grey. Also: Gray cat. *sigh* There’s a picture above the bed with trees (because I have to have trees). The tea cart has pics of friends and family, and those pictures will change now and then. I wanted green to be the “punch color”, so there are pops of bright green all over the room. There is a green lamp with a white shade that has green trim. Next to the bed is a green side table and the hideous old dresser (that magically matches the wood in the room). On the dresser is a glass thing with green decorative balls in it. Above the dresser is a mirror, framed in a dark silver, that I hung by myself. *pats back* Gray guest towels are ready to go on my mom’s hope chest, and a rocker that’s as old as Noah. (Not really, but I think it’s the chair my grandmother rocked my dad in as a baby…so that’s pre-1932) All in all, I’m pretty happy with it. There are a couple more things I need, but it’s done enough for now.

– Kicks


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