Brain Dump Friday

Scaring people is the best. I love it. As long as I’m not on the edge of something (like stairs), or about to pee my pants, I don’t mind it. (Note to all of you: DON’T scare Barry. He will flatten you. I only did it once.) My crazy week of running this way and that way is finally over after about 12:30 today. *takes deep breath* Next week will be slightly less crazy. It freaks me out when I show up to a website I’ve never been to, and because of Facebook or Google, they have my picture and know who I am. *heebie-geebies* I think my apps on my phone are like other peoples tattoos. I can’t get enough of them. Besides, they’re cheaper, and I’m allowed to have apps. Yes, I said “allowed”. When I mention an app, I don’t get OT Bible verses thrown at me. Thank you, God, for never forbidding iPhone apps! Speaking of apps, I have a new photo app that I really like, but I still love Instagram more. New one is “Be Funky”. I saw mustache bandages the other day and I wanted them so bad. I could cut myself shaving my upper lip 24 times. But then I remembered that I don’t shave my upper lip, so I didn’t get them. The tribulations of being a girl…or, at least, a mostly hairless girl. I saw something that said “Dream Big Because Dreaming Is Free”. I like that. I think I’ve forgotten how to dream big. I think sometimes, when a person is in various situations, be it job, family, social, whatever, that they forget how smart and talented they really are. Even when people say they are talented, they shrug it off, and only think they are capable of whatever their current situation is. We are not our jobs, people! (or our lack of jobs, in lots of cases) We are all so much more than that. No matter what you do, you should dream dreams and make plans. You should be the person you were created to be, nothing more…and especially nothing less. *end of pep talk* Did you realize that the BDF for Brain Dump Friday is, not only in alphabetical order, but also every other letter of the alphabet? …aBcDeF… Probably not, because you’re not crazy or weird about so over-thinking things that they don’t make sense anymore. I do that, so I would notice. This is the kind of crap that runs through my head at night and doesn’t let me sleep. I was up last night thinking about this, and about a hundred other things like that. Ridiculous! I learned yesterday that math is hard. I mean, I KNEW math is hard, but it was confirmed. I don’t really know who Luke Bryan is, but he seems to be acceptable to quite a few ladies over on Pinterest. I should Google him. (that sounds kind of naughty) Oh. Country singer. Meh. Oh brother! Here it comes…are you ready? Why doesn’t everyone know they lyrics to the Star-Spangled Banner? (apparently he doesn’t) Wouldn’t you think that these famous people who get paid to go out in public to sing the song should maybe, I don’t know, LEARN THE WORDS? (Here’s a hint for everyone: It’s GLEAMING and then STREAMING. That’s where everyone gets messed up. It’s ALPHABETICAL ORDER, folks! G then S.) Don’t write them on your hand like a cheater. LEARN THEM. Maybe, if they mess it up, they should not get paid for singing it. THAT would make them learn it in a hurry. It’s sad that I could go sing the National Anthem anywhere, at any time, and not screw up the words, and yet these famous people, who are “talented”, can’t get it right. They get paid to memorize words. Why don’t they do it? Maybe someone should pay an everyday American to do it instead. *end of unintended tirade* Don’t even get me started on garage sale signs!!! Maybe I’ll think on that next week. Well, that’s what was in my brain (and partly on Google) this morning… Have a fabulous Friday! That is all. #BrainDumpFriday


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