A Random Observation

See this picture?

I’m always fascinated with pictures like this. I love seeing old things become new. I love when someone has the vision to “save” something that’s still useful and re-purpose it. I do not usually have this vision. Or, if I do, I don’t have the means or determination to follow through with it.

What would someone do with a couple old windows? Maybe use them in a shed, or do something crafty with them. Maybe. Most likely, the windows would be thrown away, given away or sold, or in storage for so long that the glass breaks and they are deemed “worthless”.

This building made of windows reminds me of each of us.

Each of us is made of little parts. Everything that has happened to us throughout our life has given us a new window to the world. With each movie we see, book we read, new adventure we embark upon, person we meet, or day we live, we are given a new view of the world. A new way of seeing life and those around us. Broken hearts may have tinted some of our windows, and, sometimes we are hurt so badly that the window is completely shattered. In turn, each moment of joy lets the sunshine in.

We all start out with the building and the windows our parents put in for us. As we age, we add our own windows. We begin to see the world in our own way. As our world grows larger, so our windows multiply. When we change things that we don’t like about ourselves, we clean the windows, and get the smudges off so that we can see the world more clearly.

What started out as a product of those who raised us, slowly, over time, becomes our own.

My hope for us all is that our windows are shiny and sparkling. That we have more sunshine than tinting, and that, even when it rains, we can see clearly the break in the clouds above, and the rays of joy shining through.

One of my goals for this blog is to be brave enough to allow you to see into my windows. Pulling the curtains back is scary. It exposes me in a way that I don’t particularly enjoy. I don’t like people knowing my thoughts. I don’t necessarily want people snooping in private places. This blog is in the top 5 on my Bucket List of things most important to me. It is important to me to not have all my curtains drawn. It is important to me to let people in. One of my biggest fears is to be unknown to those around me…to those I care about the most. This is a way to try to avoid that. A way to be what I am so afraid of. A way to share what I can about the thoughts that I have. (I have lots of thoughts)

Hopefully you will like what you see, but more importantly to me, you will see truth, honesty, and a girl just trying to keep her windows full of sunshine.


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