Brain Dump Friday – “Bullets Are Fun” Edition

This week my brain is filled with lots of things. Not sure where we will go. Bullets make things seem more important, and since this is utter nonsense, it should seem more important.

  • I love my new calendar. It is from and I love it. It’s a little pricey (although not as much as a Franklin planner would be), but they are totally customizable. I may write a blog soon about it with pics and everything. Because I love it. Did I say that?
  • I feel like I’m all outdoorsy when I sip my ice water out of Bass Pro Shops 32 oz. cup. I mean chug (that’s way more outdoorsy than sipping).
  • I need to organize my nail polishes. There are a lot of them just sitting on my desk, and the bathroom cabinet is as full as it can should be (with bathroom-y stuff, not just nail polish). Maybe a shoe holder…the ones with the clear pouches.
  • How is my phone already down to 43%? Something is sucking the life out of it today.
  • Why is boobs such a naughty word? Everyone either has them or likes them. (I’m probably going to get in trouble for saying “boobs”, but it’s my blog)
  • I have a serious Mentos addiction. Someone should help me. (not help me eat them, I’ve got that)
  • Pickles are yucky.
  • I miss Excedrin.
  • I was so stressed out yesterday about being a consultant and a host (two hats are hard when you have just the one head-even though I have a big giant head), until I heard that a dear friend of ours was in the ER and it was serious. I prayed for him and his lovely wife, and you know what? I felt better. So I kept praying. And I felt even better. Which was weird, because the prayer wasn’t about or for me, but I felt better. I was so much calmer all night. Everyone should pray.
  • People who saw my mixer last night at the open house loved it. You know what that tells me? That I shouldn’t let one or two Judge-y Judy’s make me feel bad. It makes people smile, and while that may not be “God’s work” directly, it is indirectly…and that’s nice. Being nice is nice.
  • I have lots of lofty work goals… Here’s to achieving them, and going beyond what anyone thinks I am capable of. *clink*

If you’ll excuse me, I need to go hang out with my kids on this self-imposed (almost) day off. That is all. #BrainDumpFriday


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