Brain Dump Friday

I’m starting to like colorful things. Normally I go for dark colors, browns, grays, and black. I have a cup full of highlighters and Sharpies (fine tip, because the wider ones are too hard for me to manage without making a mess…because while I’m an adult, I usually have the hands of a 3-year old), and it makes me smile just to see all the pretty colors. I got a little eager when planning my availability for shows in September, and forgot about a 3-day conference, and youth group. oops. I’m tired of being under a boil order. A water main broke here in town on Wednesday morning, and we’ve been restricted ever since. I’m very tempted to drive 15 miles just to get some stupid ice. There is no ice. It’s like we suddenly live in a third-world town. If I can’t handle a few days without ice, I’ll never survive the apocalypse. You’ll have to put me out of my misery right away. It’s ok. Don’t feel guilty. You’ll want to kill me off about three hours in anyway, because I’ll be complaining a lot when there’s no ice/internet/cell phones/electricity. My husband just sent a sweet text and made my day :). I like it when he does that. I need a new game for my iPhone. Something challenging, slightly (not totally) addictive (I do have a life-sort of), and fun. I play “Flow” and I have all the updates and additions, and I’m almost done with it. Once I master all the boards, I’ll be bored with it. I’m having a calendar dilemma…not the one mentioned above, but I like monthly calendars, and I need to learn to live from a weekly calendar. I don’t want to. I want to cross my arms and stomp my feet, but no one is around to see/hear me, and the cats don’t care one way or the other as long as we feed them. I’m the only human in my house all day now. I wonder if anyone else stays home anymore? I feel like I’m the only one. My kitchen is super clean. (That’s how bored/lonely/pitiful I am) I think I will go make a snack for tonight’s Bible study. I need to blog more. I have lots to say. I miss my kids. It’s only the second day of the school year. I threaten them every summer that I will pull them out of school and homeschool them, just so I can spend more time with them. I enjoyed homeschooling for the years that we did it. Now the only result would be that they would learn, sooner rather than later, that they are both smarter than their mother. I cannot lose that advantage. It’s going to be a long year. Oh My Gosh!!! I forgot to add the school events to my calendar! I’m going to need a new one…this one is about to become too messy! I can’t look at a messy calendar…I get all kerfuzzled.  That is all.


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