Friends, Choices, And The Miracle Of Life

We all become friends because we have things in common. A choice we have made at some point in our lives has brought us together. Through that commonality, we have discovered these things, and gotten to know one another. Can you imagine how many times we’ve decided NOT to do something that would bring us to know even more people, and how many people we might have commonalities with are wandering around whom we have yet to meet? Every time you don’t go out, you might be missing out. Every choice we make has unintended consequences. By making a (sometimes) very quick choice, we can meet people who will change our lives forever, people we will love forever, people who will change us, and people who will help us grow in ways we cannot even imagine. The miracle of this life (one of them) is that there are always more people to meet. There are always more people out there who will challenge you, and forever change who you are right now.

I was angry at God, and a friend made me make a promise, and because I made that promise and kept it, I’ve been married for 17 1/2 years. Where would I be if I’d just kept driving and ignored that promise? What would I be like if it weren’t for that moment in time when I said I would try something new? What kind of person would I be if I weren’t who I am? If I weren’t married to him, would I be a different person? Would I be in a different place? Where would I live? What would my job be? Who would my children be? I didn’t intentionally cut him off on the freeway that day. I decided to keep a promise. And here I am.


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