Brain Dump Friday – From My Phone Edition

Well, mostly from my phone. Whatever

That’s right, folks! From my phone. I love a guy with an accent. I don’t mean I LOVE a guy with an accent. I mean that, back when I was meeting guys, I loved it when they happened to have an accent. Not that I was ever meeting guys…well, some, not a lot…oh forget it. British. Southern. Australian. Not French. I don’t like French. All French guys sound like Joey from Friends to me. Not that I know a lot of French guys. Or any. But if I see one, like in a movie, they sound like Joey. My favorite artist is Jackson Pollack. My favorite painting is Starry Night. That’s from Van Gogh.(You should know this, but I wanted you to know that I know this) I would like to have a pool. I think I would like it in my basement. And a boat. When Barry and I were dating, and right after we got married, we talked about buying a boat and living on it. I wish we had done that. It would have been hard to have a kid on a boat. But there would have been water. I love water. French people aren’t bad. I just want to throw that out there. They’re nice. Well, the two that I met when I was in Europe. They were nice. I just don’t care for the accent. I’m not McGuyver. In case you thought I was. I’m not. According to Foursquare, I’ve been in my basement working out for six days. Good for me! I keep forgetting to check into places. I ate a carton of yogurt today. You should be amazed because I don’t like yogurt. Unless it’s AE Cherry Vanilla. And it was. It was even yummy. And I didn’t gag on it like I thought I would. I know…gross. Sorry. I went to a Bible Study Thursday night and it was all about joy, and not grumbling. My first thought was, “meh…I don’t wanna learn this…waaaaah!”. It hasn’t really stopped me, but I’m so much more aware of it now. I moan and groan a lot. I don’t know if that’s necessarily grumbling. I started using my favorite bag again. Polka dots. I knew you’d never ever guess, so I just told you. You’re welcome. I love it. It’s a discontinued pattern from Thirty-One called Mod Dot. (I’m trying so hard right now not to grumble at the thought that they don’t make my favorite pattern anymore…) Bacon. I’m sleepy. That is all.


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