Brain Dump Friday…with four minutes to spare…

Not a whole lot to share today.

Knives are my kryptonite. Every time I’m near one, I’m bleeding before I know what happened. The easiest (and least provable as far as “intent” goes) way to kill me is to put me in a room with no windows or band-aids, and leave a knife somewhere in there. I will find it and be dead in no time. I think I ate too much bacon a couple weeks ago. I know, I know. You’re asking me what’s wrong…what’s happened to me…is the world about to end? Nope. I just ate too much bacon. I used my imagination today. It’s been a while. It was fun. I learned to knit. I have a vendor show tomorrow, and I so badly want to take my knitting with me, but I think it would be a bad idea. Of course, if the show is really slow, I will regret leaving it at home, but I will leave it. I’m busy packing up for the show and then heading to bed, so this will be short. Probably not too sweet. I was trying to write every day, and the last three days have been so crazy, I haven’t done it. I’m starting over tomorrow. Two of those days were crazy busy…the other one just really sucked. I can’t write when I’m having a terrible day because it can get ugly real fast. I didn’t want to cheat and use something I’ve already done, so I didn’t do anything. Tomorrow, because it’s another 5am-11pm kind of day, I may have to cheat. We’ll see. There were four minutes to spare when I started. It took seven minutes to write. I start a fun (I hope it’s fun) thing on Facebook tomorrow…well, today, now. Happy December! That is all.


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