Brain Dump Friday – Nerdneck Edition

When I was younger, being called a ‘nerd’ was the worst thing that could happen. I typically didn’t care what people thought of me, but I cared what they said. My friends knew who I was. I would have rather read The Hobbit than Little Women. Who wouldn’t? I mean seriously…amazing adventure, the ability to travel to other worlds-to be a part of such a grand story, the unbelievable descriptions alone…or a book about sisters, which I didn’t have, so why would I want to read a book about them? (FYI: I have read the book, and it’s fine, but I still prefer The Hobbit) Now, I wish I hadn’t been so afraid of the label. Now I think it’s cool to be a nerd. Now I own it. Of course, I’m not a nerd like Sheldon (If you don’t know who that is, then you’re not a nerd…not in the slightest). I am not anything like that. I don’t have infinite knowledge of a million things. I don’t know every little thing about superheroes. Ok, maybe I’m not a ‘total nerd’, but I enjoy nerdy things. And NASCAR. I enjoy NASCAR. I guess that probably makes a little redneck. I’m a nerdneck! HA HA! And I like spy stuff. I actually LOVE spy stuff. Spy movies, spy gadgets, the spy lifestyle (to a point). I also love hallways. I live (finally) in a house with a hallway. Come to think of it, I have two hallways. Never, in my wildest dreams…well, ok, that’s a little bit over-the-top, but I do like having two hallways. I also love car chases. I wish I new where to find really cool tones for my phone. Like alerts and stuff. I’ve looked in all the regular places, and I don’t want to buy them. Ugh. I use the defaults because they are the least annoying. I did get a Dubstep Remix of Auld Lang Syne that’s pretty amazing. I’m probably not going to be a nerd after this admission, but I’m not that fond of the Star Wars tones. I mean, yeah, they’re cool and all that, but…I don’t know how to finish this statement, so I won’t. Several months ago, I bought the best Yoda ringtone, but it’s so quiet, I can’t hear it. I hate getting lied to about stuff. Some guy just showed up at my door, in white boots with some serious tread, a black jacket, stocking cap (I think it was advertising snowboarding equipment) and his face full of more holes that God intended (I’m totally fine with one or two more, but he had about seven more). And the best part (aside from the white boots—->WHITE boots! On a dude.)…camo Hammer pants. You have to be old like me to know what those are…if you’re not, then skip it. I don’t want to explain. He wanted me to buy some steaks that a “long-time customer could not buy today”, and now he claims to be stuck with them, and he said he was willing to deal. I don’t want to deal. I pretended to be sick. I do a stuffy nose impression pretty well, and I pulled it out of retirement. He should be thanking me for getting to witness such an Oscar-worthy moment. Anyway. I guess, maybe, it’s not a lie, but it’s the same reason I’ve been hearing for years about why I need to buy the meat, and why he’s willing to deal. Note to door-to-door companies: Find another reason to stop by! Invest in some marketing. I won’t feel bad for a stranger who is trying to sell me something. My husband is in sales, and while he’s always been honest, I know lots of people aren’t. Besides, we finally got rid of the Schwans guy. I don’t want to start something like that up again. (ok, actually, our Schwans guy, Dave, was in a horrible, possibly disabling car accident, and since we weren’t technically on the route, no one knew to come back, but that’s not the point. Point is, that I wanted him to stop coming around for a long time, but he was so nice, and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. We were practically friends with this guy. Ok, so there you go. Proof that I’m a wimp. Proof that once I get to know you, I have a hard time saying no to you. <— Don’t go around telling people I have a heart. It will ruin my rep as a badass. I feel the need to apologize for that word, but I’m pretty sure that being one means I cannot say “sorry” for typing it.)  There are four words in this post that my computer doesn’t like. Camo (I don’t want to spell it out). Nerdneck (I made it up). Schwans. Dubstep (I am still not exactly sure what this is, but it sounds cool). That last one was an argument used on me a long time ago as to why they listened to Eminem. (The music is so cool, I don’t pay attention to the words) There is a very technical word for that. Bologna. That is all.


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