Brain Dump Friday – Fail

I got to babysit three amazing kids today. Just for a couple of hours. We played with PhotoBooth on my Mac, and built forts with blankets and pillows. I also updated my iPhone. I still can’t get my email on it, so the update is useless to me. I am watching Star Trek The Next Generation Season 1, Episode 1…and I’m kind of bored. Sorry to all the nerds and geeks out there, but I am. Also, a little confused. It’s probably just because I’m so sleepy. This has been such a crazy week. Monday was a late start for the kids and then a fire drill which turned into a threat against the high school, so the kids were evacuated, and every other school was locked down. Tuesday was normal, no school Wednesday, and normal Thursday and Friday. I have this weird sensation on my left hand. Kind of like the surface of the skin is burned, but the sensation goes deep into my hand, and it feels more like it’s bruised. It’s really tender. Weird. I really have nothing else to say. What a let-down! I’m just so exhausted! Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow. That is all.


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