Thankful Thursday

This is my list so far:

Mustache duct tape

People who are kind to me when my guts spill out.

A calendar that syncs automatically so I can avoid repetition.



The realization on Wednesday, even for just a moment, that I’m kind-of nifty.

Scars, physical and otherwise. How else would I know that I have lived, tried, loved, or felt anything?

Sunrises. The time to appreciate them.

Doctors who have a wonderful way to fix what’s wrong with you, and are willing to do anything to make you normal again…even when you’re scared to death.


People who invest themselves in my kids.

Coffee. Especially in the morning.

Silly board games with friends.


Being able to stand for more than a few minutes.

Peach cobbler at potlucks. Well, peach cobbler anytime, really.

One Thousand Gifts Bible Study. Signed up and went in blind…so blessed and happy to have made the leap.

Friends who invite me for coffee.

Neat penmanship

Even the pain-filled parts of my body still work when I make them.

I can write

I can read

Cold water

Crushed ice

Polka dots

Kids who tell me they love me with no prompting.

Flexible schedule that allows me to be there for people, kids, hubs.

A son who realizes, on one of the worst, most devastating days of my life, that God must have really big plans for him. Otherwise he’d be a normal, healthy kid.

The realization that, he’s been destined for something from conception, because he shouldn’t have survived the first two weeks of pregnancy.

A sister’s immediate and selfless concern for her brother.

Funny cat pictures from the internet.


Friends who don’t care if I see their mess.


The way my eyes see something simple, and my brain gets carried away.


Paper towels

Toilet paper holders right over the radiator

Warm towels after a shower

Jeans that don’t fit


Lemon scented lotion that makes my hands soft again


A daughter who realizes that boys will be useless for the next few years


A husband who buys me Hershey’s Kisses so I can have a little bit of chocolate a lot of times.

A room filled with women who “get it”

A girl who makes me proud every day

Hot tea for sore throats and stuffy heads


Leather couches to turn to when all around me is loud and I cannot find rest

Tailgaters that make me slow down too soon

Unsquished truck drivers

Netflix to keep me company when there is no TV


An app to help me make my list

Fresh starts

That’s it for now…not a bad start on my journey to 1,000.


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