A Rant About Alphabetizing

BEWARE: This is a rant. A rant that my family doesn’t want to hear about. (Really. Everyone left the room.) So you get to read about it… You’re welcome.

I just want to say that GO comes before GOAL, GOD, GODDESS, GOOD, GOSH, and ALL OTHER WORDS that have G-O at the beginning.

So, hulu…GET IT RIGHT! When I’m looking up “Go On”, to watch the latest episode, I’m not even going to think to look it up as GOON. I’m going to look up GO, and when I don’t find GO, I’m going to stop looking, and I’m going to be frustrated.
It’s called alphabetizing. It’s something that people do to make it easier to look things up. It is easy to do. You don’t even have to be smart to do it, you just have to know the alphabet. That means that my son could have done it when he was three. If you don’t know the alphabet, then you should let someone else do the job. If you’re relying solely on a computer to do it for you, then you’re an idiot. Never trust the machines, that’s how they will take over.

Related: The person who put ‘go on’ into the computer as ‘goon’, should be fired.

UGH! It’s these little things that should be so easy to do that make me crazy. Because they are easy.