Brain Dump Friday

One of my favorite movies is Must Love Dogs. I don’t even like dogs, but I love this movie. I watched it about two weeks ago. One of these days I’m going to have to watch Doctor Zhivago. I can’t believe I spelled that right the first time I tried. I heard on the radio this morning that a list of students’ GPA’s was released at a college or university to the entire student body recently, and now the school is sending out an apology, and offering counseling to all those affected by this incredible tragedy. *sarcasm* Seriously? Counseling? I could see some tutoring for the student ashamed of their horrid grades or struggling in some way, but counseling? For what? For the trauma of a few people in this great big, people-filled world knowing what your grades are? Is that really necessary? If you are so damaged and broken that you can’t handle someone else knowing your GPA, then you shouldn’t be away at school. You should be in your crib, at home, with a pacifier to shut your whiney little mouth. If you’re embarrassed, do better. If you’re ashamed, try harder. Here’s the deal: I need counseling…you do not. *end rant* Today is another quarterly appointment for Jessup to go to the doctor. This time is all the appointments (except G.I.)…asthma, allergies (since Spring is around the corner-I hope), and Alpha-1, plus Pulmonary Function Testing. Sometime, later this year, we will do the chest x-rays to see the progress of this awful disease…I am so afraid. I missed Bible Study last night. I was on the couch for many hours yesterday, in such pain I was nearly unable to move. I took three times the allotted dosage of one medicine for a 12-hour period of time, and then took a different medicine after that. My liver survived the night, but my stomach has been burning all morning. It was better after some breakfast, and a little milk. I’m pretty sure there’s probably a hole in my stomach and the acid will be burning a hole through my skin any minute. You’ll be able to find me today…I’ll be the human sprinkler system. I know I did a bad thing. You don’t have to tell me. I knew it, and I did it anyway, because I wanted to feel better. (That must be what it’s like for addicts) I cannot wait for our insurance to kick in so I can get this taken care of, once and for all. We have it, just needing a letter from the old one to say we had it until January 31. New insurance is valid from February 1st. I am just being overly cautious. However…another day like yesterday, and the appointment will be made. With or without the letter. Sorry for being gross. That is all.


Pancaked Truck Drivers And Irritating Tailgaters

I almost hit a guy with my car today. He had his semi parked out behind the furniture store, backing it into the warehouse they have there, and he was tinkering on his tractor. He was blocking the entire north-bound lane of traffic, so I started to slow way down (which gave me joy in not only safety, but also because the guy behind me was tailgating me really bad, and I got to slow him down too). As I’m creeping up toward the truck, the driver clambers down out of the passenger side, heads around the front of his truck, and right in front of me. If I hadn’t been so eager to slow the guy behind me down, I would’ve hit the truck driver. There would have been no way for me to stop in time. He never even looked. This teaches me two odd things (and that’s probably not the point of this, but I’m taking what I see)

1. Always try to spite the person who tailgates you. Not only is it moderately fun, it’s also for safety.

2. Never trust anyone to do what they are supposed to do when they are supposed to do it. Like signaling when they are going to turn, or walking out into the street without looking to see of there are cars driving by. I cannot count the number of times I’ve waited at a stop sign or corner for the person who’s signaling to turn, and then they don’t turn, and if I’d gone, I’d be toast. Also, people who walk right out in front of cars and don’t look, because they think that they, a human who is easily broken, are somehow immune to the cars that are driving on the road. I’m thinking specifically of the high school, where kids barrel out into the street, without looking, almost daring a car to hit them. Just because there is a crosswalk there doesn’t mean that you can walk near it and still be safe, nor does it mean that you can walk out into the street at your leisure and expect everyone to wait on you. That’s not how the world works. It will be a hard lesson for you to learn when your parents finally stop buying you things, and no one cares who you are. It will happen. Good luck.

Whew! I feel better.

I’m really glad I didn’t hit that guy. He was good-looking, so there’s a possible loss to the gene pool. It would have hurt him, so there’s the guilt I would have felt for hurting someone. He seemed nice, so there’s the chance of making him angry and bitter for having been injured on the job, not to mention the loss of work, and that would probably make him a mean, old, angry person who nobody loves. Again…loss to the gene pool. There’s the damage it would have done to my car, and the cost to fix it, plus the rise in insurance rates that undoubtedly would have come from it. It’s just good all around. Mostly for my wallet and the gene pool.

I rolled down my window and asked if he was alright, because he seemed to have a mini heart attack when he realized he’d walked out in front of me. He waved and said he was fine. And he said he was sorry. “I was just in my own world this morning, sorry”.

I’m just glad I didn’t hit anyone with my car.

And I’m glad that I’m not responsible to the world for taking away one of the cute ones.

And I’m glad the guy behind me had to slow down…a lot… (see #1 above)

*insert evil laugh*

Nerds And Rockstars

This is my philosophy on high school: you don’t want to peak while you’re in high school.

You don’t.

People who peaked in high school struggle all their lives with that. They are constantly reminiscing about it, remembering the “good ole days”. Once you peak, typically, you have nowhere else to go but down.

However, if you don’t peak in high school, if you wait until your are out of high school, then you have the rest of your life to discover who you are, and who it is that you were meant to be. The geeks and nerds in high school are the geniuses and rockstars of tomorrow. The ones who peaked in high school, are the ones who are lost now…the ones who never really find themselves…the ones who are working at a Texaco somewhere, and hanging out with all their friends from high school. My findings are not conclusive. Sometimes a person can peak and continue to rise, but it’s rare. One could argue that they didn’t really peak at all.

I have imparted this wisdom to both of my children: “It doesn’t matter now, nor will it ever matter, how popular you were in high school. No job will ever be contingent on whether or not you were popular. The goal in high school is to study, learn, grow, do all you can, and then, when you get out into the world, that’s when you shine. Graduation is just a launching pad for life. High school is a time to begin breaking the chains of youth, and begin to realize what you’re here on Earth to do.”

Well, something like that. The funny thing is that both my kids are known in school. People walk up to them all the time and talk to them. They aren’t known for being “popular”, but everyone knows who they are, and people seem to genuinely like them. They know what kind of people they are. Teachers are always saying how great they are. They know (and have told us) that they were happy to see a Schuler on the schedule…that they knew they’d have a great kid in their class. Friends of ours tell us that they admire our kids.

If the only great thing I ever do is send two amazing humans into the world, then I will be happy.

Not even writing can top that.

Not even brownies top that!