Thankful Thursday

This is my list so far:

Mustache duct tape

People who are kind to me when my guts spill out.

A calendar that syncs automatically so I can avoid repetition.



The realization on Wednesday, even for just a moment, that I’m kind-of nifty.

Scars, physical and otherwise. How else would I know that I have lived, tried, loved, or felt anything?

Sunrises. The time to appreciate them.

Doctors who have a wonderful way to fix what’s wrong with you, and are willing to do anything to make you normal again…even when you’re scared to death.


People who invest themselves in my kids.

Coffee. Especially in the morning.

Silly board games with friends.


Being able to stand for more than a few minutes.

Peach cobbler at potlucks. Well, peach cobbler anytime, really.

One Thousand Gifts Bible Study. Signed up and went in blind…so blessed and happy to have made the leap.

Friends who invite me for coffee.

Neat penmanship

Even the pain-filled parts of my body still work when I make them.

I can write

I can read

Cold water

Crushed ice

Polka dots

Kids who tell me they love me with no prompting.

Flexible schedule that allows me to be there for people, kids, hubs.

A son who realizes, on one of the worst, most devastating days of my life, that God must have really big plans for him. Otherwise he’d be a normal, healthy kid.

The realization that, he’s been destined for something from conception, because he shouldn’t have survived the first two weeks of pregnancy.

A sister’s immediate and selfless concern for her brother.

Funny cat pictures from the internet.


Friends who don’t care if I see their mess.


The way my eyes see something simple, and my brain gets carried away.


Paper towels

Toilet paper holders right over the radiator

Warm towels after a shower

Jeans that don’t fit


Lemon scented lotion that makes my hands soft again


A daughter who realizes that boys will be useless for the next few years


A husband who buys me Hershey’s Kisses so I can have a little bit of chocolate a lot of times.

A room filled with women who “get it”

A girl who makes me proud every day

Hot tea for sore throats and stuffy heads


Leather couches to turn to when all around me is loud and I cannot find rest

Tailgaters that make me slow down too soon

Unsquished truck drivers

Netflix to keep me company when there is no TV


An app to help me make my list

Fresh starts

That’s it for now…not a bad start on my journey to 1,000.


And So Begins The List…

The darker side of my snarky personality is beginning to rear it’s ugly head, so I’m trying to be intentional about turning it around.

I’ve been in a Bible study for the past three weeks on thankfulness. Not just thankfulness, but something called Eucharisteo.

It basically means being grateful, thankful, joyful in the darkest of times. When there seems to be no reason, continuing to be thankful and showing that gratitude to God for all that you do have.

It means praising God right after my mother died. Not because she’s gone, but because I had a mother. Finding the good things about her, the good that she taught me. Praising Him for the horrid things she said and did to me, because they made me the mom I am today. When she almost broke my finger when I was five, I promised myself I would only touch my kids in love. When she called me a mooch because someone did something nice for me, I promised myself that I would do nice things for others (especially my kids) for no reason at all. I would make it a habit to say nice things to my kids. I would praise them, not only behind their backs and in public where everyone could hear, but to their faces as well, and in private places. I would punish them, but only after I had time to cool down and pray, and consider what the punishment should be. I would walk away if I felt myself getting hot. I would not spank them to the point that their backside is black and blue, and couldn’t sit for days, and eventually get taken to the ER when Dad gets back in town. When a kid gets special permission from the school to lay down on the floor and do their schoolwork, there’s something wrong. When a father is forced to quit a job that pays well, but takes him out of town a lot, there’s something wrong.

My mom is the reason I have stayed home with my kids all these years. The reason I own my own business and still stay home. Her choices as a parent…made me change my stars. My dad said I could be whatever kind of parent I want to be, and I am. I try to be the mom that I wanted. The mom my friends seemed to have. I’m not fake. I have terrible moments. Moments I wish I could change, habits of mine that I fear are shaping my kids in a bad way, but I have learned to mostly bite my tongue, and to be available no matter what.

The book that we’re reading along with the study is One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. It’s a beautiful book by a beautiful (and young) woman. The challenge of this book is to make a list of 1,000 things that we are grateful for. Not just big things like My Family, but small things like Big, Fat Snowflakes That Taste Sweet With The Fresh Air Of An Iowa Winter. (I know it’s flowery, but it’s how she writes, and they do taste kind of sweet in the crisp, cold air. I think it must be the “no smog” thing…) I will not be so poetic in my list…I think I used up what I had right there, so I hope you enjoyed it.

The book is not an easy read, at least not for me. I have trouble with some of the words and phrases she uses. I watched an interview (well, so far about half of an interview) with her, so I could better understand why she writes like she does. She is very intentional. She said that she forces herself to take the time to notice little things, and then she tries to capture them with a description. Her descriptions are rich, and adjectives abound in this book. I’ll admit, I’m having trouble getting through it, but I’m determined to finish it. Maybe I’ll even try to read it again.

As always, I write like I think. That means occasionally poor grammar, and a lot of broken sentences. It’s not that I can’t follow the rules, it’s that my brain goes so fast, and if I don’t get it all out, it’s lost forever. I go back and edit a lot. Sometimes I get a weird look from people when I tell them I write like I think, and I figure that they probably go off and say a prayer for Barry and the kids. It can’t be easy living with crazy. You should probably¬†all pray for Barry and the kids…

Based on this book, I’ve decided to make my own list of One Thousand Gifts.

I’m thinking that I might make this a blog series…at least until I get to 1,000. Maybe beyond that. Right now, I cannot imagine that there are 1,000 things out there to be grateful for. That number seems overwhelming to me, but a sadness has been growing for quite some time, and joy needs to be found.

My list will be whatever I notice, whenever I notice it. No holds barred.

Tags will be : thankful, 1K, eucharisteo. Category : One Thousand Gifts. Those are new, and you can use them to search for these specific posts.

I will also post things I’ve read or learned from this study, so you can follow my journey into a life of joy and thankfulness. Pretty soon it should be all unicorns, and sparkles, and rainbows.

Or at least less dark, more light.