Brain Dump Friday – “Bullets Are Fun” Edition

This week my brain is filled with lots of things. Not sure where we will go. Bullets make things seem more important, and since this is utter nonsense, it should seem more important.

  • I love my new calendar. It is from and I love it. It’s a little pricey (although not as much as a Franklin planner would be), but they are totally customizable. I may write a blog soon about it with pics and everything. Because I love it. Did I say that?
  • I feel like I’m all outdoorsy when I sip my ice water out of Bass Pro Shops 32 oz. cup. I mean chug (that’s way more outdoorsy than sipping).
  • I need to organize my nail polishes. There are a lot of them just sitting on my desk, and the bathroom cabinet is as full as it can should be (with bathroom-y stuff, not just nail polish). Maybe a shoe holder…the ones with the clear pouches.
  • How is my phone already down to 43%? Something is sucking the life out of it today.
  • Why is boobs such a naughty word? Everyone either has them or likes them. (I’m probably going to get in trouble for saying “boobs”, but it’s my blog)
  • I have a serious Mentos addiction. Someone should help me. (not help me eat them, I’ve got that)
  • Pickles are yucky.
  • I miss Excedrin.
  • I was so stressed out yesterday about being a consultant and a host (two hats are hard when you have just the one head-even though I have a big giant head), until I heard that a dear friend of ours was in the ER and it was serious. I prayed for him and his lovely wife, and you know what? I felt better. So I kept praying. And I felt even better. Which was weird, because the prayer wasn’t about or for me, but I felt better. I was so much calmer all night. Everyone should pray.
  • People who saw my mixer last night at the open house loved it. You know what that tells me? That I shouldn’t let one or two Judge-y Judy’s make me feel bad. It makes people smile, and while that may not be “God’s work” directly, it is indirectly…and that’s nice. Being nice is nice.
  • I have lots of lofty work goals… Here’s to achieving them, and going beyond what anyone thinks I am capable of. *clink*

If you’ll excuse me, I need to go hang out with my kids on this self-imposed (almost) day off. That is all. #BrainDumpFriday


Brain Dump Friday

I’ve been working so hard on learning my new job, that I’ve missed out on some things this past week. That needs to change. I need to be present when I’m home. Mannequins freak me out. Seriously. It’s so bad. And why is it that when I bump one or walk too closely to one, I feel the need to apologize? I’m too polite sometimes. I’m too polite a lot of the time. Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer was the first song I ever slow-danced to. It’s the first song I ever danced to at all (dancing alone in my room doesn’t count). Weird, huh? Needless to say, I wasn’t paying too much attention to what was playing at the time that I was staring into those eyes… although now I can’t even remember what color they were. I know they weren’t blue. 9th grade was hard. 10th grade was harder. I’ve had a little bottle (you know, the ones like on an airplane) of Jack Daniel’s on my desk since mid-April and I haven’t even touched it. I bought it for a class project, and then changed the project and didn’t need it. It’s dustier than the Chocolate caramels… I won’t be earning my alcoholic badge at girl scout camp this year. The kids did their own shopping for school supplies. What a relief!!! I hate doing it, so I made them a list, we gave them money, and they did it. I just sat there today drinking my free birthday coffee from Starbucks. That was the best hour of the whole day! The day is not over yet, but I’ve already decided. I love my iPhone case. I hope nothing ever happens to it. I may buy the rest of them just in case. (no pun intended) It looks like water, and I love water so much. I should have been a mermaid. If I were a mermaid, I could never take a shower. I love showers. Now I don’t want to be a mermaid.  I changed my voicemail message finally, and now I can’t remember what it is. It used to be “You know what to do, and when to do it”. If my life depended on it, I don’t think I could remember it right this minute. I’m still thinking about water. I wish we could have one of those big pools in our yard. I don’t want to wreck the grass, nor do I want to put a bunch of gravel down over the grass, so we don’t have a pool. I silently judged a woman in the store this afternoon because she dressed her baby badly. Something is wrong with me. That is all. #BrainDumpFriday

Brain Dump Friday

I have often wondered about eHarmony. If I signed up, and Barry signed up, would we be matched together? I’m afraid to find out. I thought it would be a fun experiment, until I (surprisingly) over-thought it. If it didn’t match us up, I’d probably never sleep again. I barely sleep now. I was going to make a treat for Bible Study tonight, but I still don’t have all the stuff. I never make a recipe the first time if I can’t get all the stuff-even if it’s a little thing. I’ll have to try it out on my family to see if it’s any good. I haven’t really ever had a sweet tooth, and I am beginning to think it’s completely gone. I’ve had a bag of Godiva Milk Salted Toffee Caramels on my desk for about 6 weeks now, and I haven’t touched it. Clearly this shows two things about me: I don’t clean off my desk often enough, and I should have gotten the dark chocolate something-or-others. Those would have been gone in a week or less. The bag is even a bit dusty. That’s just sad. They’re gonna take away my girl card any day now. I just looked at it (after I stopped choking on the dust) and four pieces is a serving. FOUR. And those four pieces are only 160 calories. Still…I don’t want them. Maybe I will bring them to Bible Study. Surely someone will want them. I’d rather have a steak. I painted my nails with a gold-ish glittery polish this morning, and with the sun shining in my window, it’s making them look all sparkly and pretty. It’s very distracting. I get stressed out shopping for school supplies, so this year the kids have to buy their own. I hope they can jump and roll out of the car as I drive by Target on my way to get a good steak.

Brain Dump Friday

Scaring people is the best. I love it. As long as I’m not on the edge of something (like stairs), or about to pee my pants, I don’t mind it. (Note to all of you: DON’T scare Barry. He will flatten you. I only did it once.) My crazy week of running this way and that way is finally over after about 12:30 today. *takes deep breath* Next week will be slightly less crazy. It freaks me out when I show up to a website I’ve never been to, and because of Facebook or Google, they have my picture and know who I am. *heebie-geebies* I think my apps on my phone are like other peoples tattoos. I can’t get enough of them. Besides, they’re cheaper, and I’m allowed to have apps. Yes, I said “allowed”. When I mention an app, I don’t get OT Bible verses thrown at me. Thank you, God, for never forbidding iPhone apps! Speaking of apps, I have a new photo app that I really like, but I still love Instagram more. New one is “Be Funky”. I saw mustache bandages the other day and I wanted them so bad. I could cut myself shaving my upper lip 24 times. But then I remembered that I don’t shave my upper lip, so I didn’t get them. The tribulations of being a girl…or, at least, a mostly hairless girl. I saw something that said “Dream Big Because Dreaming Is Free”. I like that. I think I’ve forgotten how to dream big. I think sometimes, when a person is in various situations, be it job, family, social, whatever, that they forget how smart and talented they really are. Even when people say they are talented, they shrug it off, and only think they are capable of whatever their current situation is. We are not our jobs, people! (or our lack of jobs, in lots of cases) We are all so much more than that. No matter what you do, you should dream dreams and make plans. You should be the person you were created to be, nothing more…and especially nothing less. *end of pep talk* Did you realize that the BDF for Brain Dump Friday is, not only in alphabetical order, but also every other letter of the alphabet? …aBcDeF… Probably not, because you’re not crazy or weird about so over-thinking things that they don’t make sense anymore. I do that, so I would notice. This is the kind of crap that runs through my head at night and doesn’t let me sleep. I was up last night thinking about this, and about a hundred other things like that. Ridiculous! I learned yesterday that math is hard. I mean, I KNEW math is hard, but it was confirmed. I don’t really know who Luke Bryan is, but he seems to be acceptable to quite a few ladies over on Pinterest. I should Google him. (that sounds kind of naughty) Oh. Country singer. Meh. Oh brother! Here it comes…are you ready? Why doesn’t everyone know they lyrics to the Star-Spangled Banner? (apparently he doesn’t) Wouldn’t you think that these famous people who get paid to go out in public to sing the song should maybe, I don’t know, LEARN THE WORDS? (Here’s a hint for everyone: It’s GLEAMING and then STREAMING. That’s where everyone gets messed up. It’s ALPHABETICAL ORDER, folks! G then S.) Don’t write them on your hand like a cheater. LEARN THEM. Maybe, if they mess it up, they should not get paid for singing it. THAT would make them learn it in a hurry. It’s sad that I could go sing the National Anthem anywhere, at any time, and not screw up the words, and yet these famous people, who are “talented”, can’t get it right. They get paid to memorize words. Why don’t they do it? Maybe someone should pay an everyday American to do it instead. *end of unintended tirade* Don’t even get me started on garage sale signs!!! Maybe I’ll think on that next week. Well, that’s what was in my brain (and partly on Google) this morning… Have a fabulous Friday! That is all. #BrainDumpFriday

Brain Dump Friday

Brain Dump Friday…
I really like the printer paper I bought the last time. Yay Staples!

I’ve been watching all the seasons of LOST lately, and I wonder if I were in the same position as Jack, would I blindly follow or would I fight all the way. Would I have ever had it in me to leave the island? Had I left, would I have gone back? BTW, it’s got to be exhausting being so good-looking and talented.

Am I the only one who sees faces in ordinary things? The front of a house, stereos systems, certain cars…I see faces. That makes me smile.

I like Jessup’s alarm sound…it’s a happy little song, that iPhone doesn’t have, and that’s the only thing I miss about my Droid.

Speaking of songs, I’ve had the song “Downtown” stuck in my head for a few days. I don’t know if I heard it somewhere, or what, but it’s starting to drive me crazy. Maybe I should take a walk downtown, and see if it helps with all the noise and the hurry.

I don’t think anyone reads these anymore, so I may stop.

I worry sometimes that things I do offend people. We all just have to live our lives, right? Some live differently than others. Some make choices that others wouldn’t make. I saw a sign recently that said, “Don’t judge me because I sin differently than you do”. But I don’t think a difference in lifestyle is necessarily sin. I think it’s just a difference in lifestyle, or personality, or beliefs.

I overheard someone talking about me (and my pretty, polka dot mixer) in church on Sunday, and it hurt so deeply. Something that I loved, and was proud of, and didn’t think was a waste of time was judged as just that…a waste of time. Time that I could have better spent doing God’s work or something more ‘worthwhile’. I thought it was worthwhile. Walking into my kitchen and looking at it makes me smile, and there are still plenty of days when a smile is hard to find. You may never see that, but in reality, don’t you just see what I CHOOSE to show you? You’d be amazed at how good I am at ‘faking it’. I’ve had a lifetime of practice. Having a childhood like mine, you learn very quickly to get over things, and look happy. I’m fighting some demons right now, and not sleeping well. Clearly that’s a bad combination.

This was not intended to be a rant, I apologize. Maybe I shouldn’t be so liberal in the dumping of my brain, but this has been on my mind all week.I think I need to blog again…

That is all.

Brain Dump Friday

Brain Dump Day!
Why do cats always look like their smiling until you’re pretty sure you ticked them off? Then they look at you like your life hangs in the balance, and you’d better tread lightly.
I saw something that read “If I’m weird around you, it’s because I’m comfortable”. Isn’t it funny how true that is? In thinking about this statement, I have realized that I have several levels of “weirdness”. Some get it all, some get none. How sad that there are people I should be close to who I’m still so uncomfortable around, that I’m straight as an arrow. It’s a huge personality difference, and a feeling on my part that I’m not cared about. I suppose that’s why I don’t try harder. They’ve seen me be weird with other people, but when it’s just us, there’s not a trace of the “real” me. It’s always just a polite surface conversation, and we both seem to want to run the other way as soon as possible. And then there are some people I haven’t seen forever, and I’m pretty sure we’d pick up right where we left off, and the weirdness would be so epic that we’d be in our own bubble – and totally not care at all…everything would be funnier, and brighter, and better, just because they were there.
There have been times in my life when someone has lied to me, and I’ve wished so hard that their pants would catch on fire. Why doesn’t it work like that? *pouts*
I think it’s funny how, if you quote a line from a movie, you say that line just as it was said in the movie. Even if it’s unintentional, you still say it a certain way. Every time I say “I was just wondering…”, it’s exactly the same way that Meg Ryan said it in Sleepless In Seattle after she asked about the widowed/widowered thing. Every. Time.
I think that if I had gargoyles on any part of my property it would freak me out and I wouldn’t be able to sleep.
I would like to try platform shoes, but I have two fears: First that I’d fall immediately and break something, and that would be embarrassing to explain. Second that when I walked in them, I’d look like a duck. I’m sticking to my Chucks.
I miss football.
BTW…I’m myself around all of you…even you…it’s that weird guy in the corner ;).
That is all.