Brain Dump Friday

I have thought all day that today is Saturday. Imagine my surprise when I realized that it was Friday. (Thanksgiving week always throws me out of whack!) You should be putting together by now that I don’t participate in Black Friday. Also: When I put those two words together on my phone, it automatically capitalizes them. It does the same thing when I tell people that I live in a white house. It capitalizes White House. I would like to think that my phone would be smart enough to know that I don’t live in the White House. I appreciate the thought that it thinks I’m that important, but seriously… Egg nog is too thick. I like milk nog. It’s not as thick, and it seems less rich. In non-Vicki terms, that means no tummy ache. My middle ring finger size has gone down a whole size. I think all my fingers have. That’s a weird thing to be happy about, but I’m thrilled. Except for the fact that I have these really cool rings, purchased to fit certain fingers, and now they are big. What a happy dilemma. I’m totally ok with this. I caught another glimpse of my collar bone this week. (Not the actual bone, just the line of it. It’s still happily resting under my skin.) The last time I saw it, someone made a remark, so I though I should be more clear. The Walking Dead is kind of freaking me out. Jessup and I are watching it together…preparing for the zombie apocalypse, and it is giving me the heeby-geebies. Thanksgiving was great! I hope you are all thankful for the gifts and people you’ve been blessed with. This morning I had to swallow my pride…that, my friend, is a bitter pill that does not go down easily. It’s always a blessing to remember that you’re not as awesome and important as you think you are. …at least for me it is. That is all.


Brain Dump Friday – The Not Funny Edition (sorry)

NOT the last one…I promise. I know I joked a couple of weeks ago, but it’s not over. As long as even one of you reads this, I will write it.

My jeans are too big. I NEVER thought I’d have this problem, but they’re just getting to the annoying point now. I feel like I should start wearing boxers, over-sized, untied, air-filled shoes, and wearing my cap sideways. THAT is never going to happen, so I suppose I shall just stop wearing this pair. I am torn…do I get rid of them in hopes that I’ll never wear this size again, or do I keep them because they’re in really good shape, and super comfy, and I just bought them in June? I don’t know. I am writing a story and I don’t know if I should write it exactly as it happened, or if I should leave out parts. The parts I’m thinking about leaving out are the parts where I said some things I shouldn’t have said. Bad words. I could substitute. But the rest of the story is totally accurate. I’m not sure. Today is the anniversary of the day my Daddy died. 19 years. It’s been 19 years. I can’t believe it. That night, the night I found him, I swore I’d never survive his death, and yet, here I sit, 19 years later. That’s what my story is about. I’m having trouble finishing it. Mostly because it hurts so much to work on it. Partly because I’m not setting aside the time I need to set to work on it. I would like to do it today, but I am too busy. Maybe next week sometime… I cannot believe all that has happened in these 19 years. That’s over half of my life. I don’t want to talk about it anymore. It makes me sad, and I need to stay positive today. It didn’t even hit me that today was that day until I was in the bakery this morning, and I looked at something on my calendar. I was in Walmart earlier today and a customer asked an associate where the curling irons were. The associate told her that she didn’t know (“I don’t know, It’s my first day”) and then went back to stocking. That was it. So, I walked over to the customer (who was still standing there, completely dumbfounded) and told her where the curling irons were located. The customer thanked me and walked off toward that area of the store. The associate then had the nerve to tell me it was none of my business. I said, “Well, if you’d told her where they were, I wouldn’t have needed to.” I then asked her if she’d ever been in the store before today, to which she was snotty in relying “yes”. I told her that things haven’t really moved in over a year, and they were still in the same place they were when she was last in the store. She then threatened to tell the manager what I did. By this point my sweetness was wearing thin, and I said, “You would tell on me? This isn’t Kindergarten. Besides, I doubt very much that you’d like me to tell your boss that you wouldn’t even go to the trouble of asking someone else who works here to help a customer find something, and that I felt compelled to help her.” I felt myself getting riled up, so I told her to have a nice day, and walked away. I have a thing about customer service. I like it. I expect it. And I get very agitated when I don’t see it, or when I don’t get it. I once spent 20 minutes in Target helping another customer find what they were looking for, when they then realized (when I apologized for having to leave because I was going to be late for an appointment) that I didn’t work there. I’m just like that. Overly nice? Yeah, probably, but if I can help someone find what they need, I will. If I really don’t have time, I’ll find an associate who will help them. I’m listening to my favorite version of my favorite hymn over and over today. It’s keeping me calm. It’s way better than the David Bowie song that was stuck in there a little while ago. The next 36 hours are going to be crazy…I need calming things right now. (I say this after I have just consumed my third cup of coffee for the day. I hope that doesn’t defeat the purpose of the calming hymn) I cleaned off my desk last night. I don’t really feel funny today. It’s because I’m trying to get too much done. I’m finally getting over my sickness. I ended up having bronchitis. I’m not contagious and my voice is almost back. I really miss it. I still sound like I’ve smoked a pack a day since I was 10. Well, I have to get back to my life. Sorry this wasn’t funny. I hope it wasn’t too “rant-y” or depressing. At least I didn’t live blog cleaning my desk… You should be grateful. That is all.

Brain Dump Friday (Saturday Edition)

Well, I was so busy yesterday that I literally didn’t have time to do this. I don’t write these early, so if I can’t write it on Friday, I will on Saturday. I thought of it many times, but couldn’t do it until today.

I’m still so excited about the get-together last night. We had such an amazing time laughing and catching up. My nieces are from Iowa, but one has married a man from Tennessee (they have both been in the military-he still is-and they move quite a bit. They are currently in Texas.), and one married a British man (They met in Japan, got married in the UK, and moved from South Africa to Brussels a while back). They have chosen well…so did their husbands. :) I hardly had time to catch up with the family that lives in Iowa, so we will have to get together again, just to visit with them. Isn’t that the best, though? Being so surrounded by family and love, that you can’t give everyone the time you would like? Coming from such a small family, I love it! I love the craziness and the loud little ones running all around. My In-laws are SO blessed to have “greats”! I believe they have seven great-grandchildren now. Talk about a full quiver! The eldest grandchild is just a few days older than I, and their youngest grandchild (18 total) is Ainsley. All that time we were there last night, and not ONE picture. That’s aggravating me. I had big hopes, but I put my phone away when I got there, and tried to leave it alone as much as possible. Those of you who know me, know how often I have my phone in my hands. My phone is also my camera. SIGH. The Iowa State Fair is here and I don’t care one bit. I may be the only human who doesn’t love it, but that doesn’t make me want to go even a little bit. I’ve only been once, and I wasn’t that impressed. The Del Mar Fair is still my favorite fair in the whole world…except now it’s called the San Diego County Fair. I refuse to accept that. It will always be the Del Mar Fair to me. If something is perforated, I MUST TEAR IT OFF. I just found myself opening up the unopened packages of Post-It Notes needlessly. There’s a perforation at the top, and I had to open it. Now I have lots of unnecessarily opened Post-It Notes. BTW…the perforation didn’t work very well, and the top of the packaging didn’t tear in a straight line. 3M should work on that. I like straight lines. I get to go to the World Food Festival in Des Moines in September. I’m so excited to go! I’ve always wanted to. I’ll be working, but I will still get to be there. I got my first paycheck! I’ve spent money on my business, but now I’ve earned money as well! YAY me! I’ve lost a total of 10.5 pounds since Barry started working out. Imagine what I could do if I did! Just kidding…I have been, but not like he has. He’s been amazing, and I’m really proud of him. He “graduates” in a week, and he’s signing up again…he loves it. I love him. I hope he’s around for a really long time. The women in my family tend to out-live their husbands by a considerable number of years. My mom’s mom lived for 24 more years, my dad’s mom for 19 years, my mom for 18 years, my aunt for 16 years and counting… I’d like very much to break that trend. I was thinking the other day about hearts, and how a person’s capacity for love is incredible. How you can love your parents, your spouse, your kids and other people all at the same time…it’s amazing. (not your actual heart…those are pretty amazing by themselves, but you know what I mean)  In closing today, family is great. Big families are greater still, and I’m happy to be a part of one. Manly is a silly name for a town. Someone should open up a B&B or a tea room there. Take lots of pictures…even if it means keeping your phone with you all the time, just don’t mess around on Facebook when family is nearby. Straight lines are good. Bad perforations are bad. There are still some caramels on my desk if anyone wants them. They are good until May 2013. Ew. Scary. That is all. #BrainDumpFriday