Hi, my name is Vicki, and I’m undesirable…

(Everyone together: “Hi, Vicki!”)

I don’t blog when I’m down.

Ok, that’s not totally true. I’m blogging right now.

I’ve had a lot on my mind, but every time I sit down to write, I get whiney-sounding, and I don’t want to whine here, so I delete it and go about my day.

Too bad for this post…I’m breaking my rule. You can just skip to the next post if you’d like. In fact, you probably should.

You’re not going to, are you? OK…I warned you.

I’ve been looking for a job for quite some time now, and I’m not finding anything. It’s getting me down, and the more rejection I face, the more down I get, and the more down I get, the less I care about finding a job, and the less I care about finding a job, the more pressure I feel, and the more pressure I feel, the more down I get…

It’s a vicious spiral.

I can’t even get a job at Walmart. I hate Walmart, but I would work there, and I’d be a great employee. But they don’t even want me. Nobody does. Cue world’s smallest violin…

It’s just that it’s all pretty overwhelming right now, and I’m having trouble with what’s fair and what’s not fair. It just seems stupid that we can’t do something that would greatly benefit our son (and us-financially) because I can’t find a job. It’s a huge weight to bear, and I don’t like it. It makes me want to stay in bed all day. It feels like it’s all my fault. And the worst part is that it’s a tiny amount now to earn him a scholarship and save almost half of his college tuition for four years. Yeah…almost half! But it’s too much right now, and that’s just the way it is. It’s not fair.

There I go sounding whiney…time to go lay down in the dark and probably not sleep. That’s what I do.

On a brighter note, I got a new toothbrush and I really like it. New mouthwash, too.

And I get to spend the whole day tomorrow with my girl. One-on-one days with my kids are the best!

I’m going to choose to see the best, and make the best of what I can.

Oh, and…while it may suck to live on a budget, it’s sucks more to have three things pop up in one month. One month that was so perfectly planned and is now shot to **insert your own word here**. That’s why we are changing things. We get up and dust ourselves off, make the best of what we will try to save out of the mess that is May, and try again next month.

If you need me, I’ll be praying in the corner. And some crying. Hopefully, mostly praying. At least I’m not pregnant. Not that that’s a bad thing, I just thought about something worse than what I feel now, and that would be worse. So…at least that’s not a possibility.

That is all.

P.S. Can I put two “ly” words together like that? Well, I did it. Sue me. Well, don’t sue me…but if you threaten to, I can just send you the $5 I have left, and we’ll save some court fees. ;)

Also, would you pray for me…that it turns around? That I find a job I can at least stand to go to? That we stay on track? There are lots of things to pray for, but those are the big ones. For now. Thank you.


Brain Dump Friday

Yet another Carnival Cruise ship was stranded somewhere this week without hope of immediate rescue. I’m going to book a trip with them in about two years, because I figure by then…they will be paying people to give them a shot. Cheers is still really funny…after all these years (about 30). I’d really like a place like that to hang out…or even work. That would be a fun place to work. However, I’m afraid I’d be Diane… sigh. Cheers is one of the TV shows that shaped my humor…and my perspective on life. Sometimes I wonder if I got all the humor, though, and if I did, how did my parents let me watch that? I could watch whatever I wanted on TV (mostly), but I couldn’t listen to any music except for the Christian station until I was 13. Cheers probably did more damage than Journey or Kenny Rogers ever would have. Hindsight. I, on the other hand, was/am far more strict with what they watch rather than their music. I will say that neither of them likes anything too bad, music-wise, but still…I could definitely do without One Direction blaring at all hours when Ainsley is home. Jessup and I have the same taste. I love our plumber. I hope his wife doesn’t mind… Last Saturday morning the city sewer backed up into our basement and we went down there to find SIX INCHES of “poo water” in our basement. Needless to say…eeeeeeeeew! Time for a new house…this one is ruined. I am making a giant birthday card for someone today. It’s the first project that someone has called me up to ask me to do. I’m so excited! I think I’d like to start decorating the house. A little at a time. Find my style, and make this house mine. Ours. Whatever. Monday is my Anniversary. 18 years. My, has it gone by in a blink! People I love are just starting out…and I don’t feel that much older than they. (…than they are…?) Jessup brought home posters for his play…and they are SO great! I can’t wait for the play! I wish so badly that I’d been in high school plays…that I’d been allowed to even try out. That was a lifetime ago. Hopefully Jessup and Ainsley will look back on their school days with much fonder memories than I. I have great pieces of memories, but overall I’m glad it’s over, and you couldn’t pay me enough to go through most of it again. I have always thought that, if I could, I’d go back and change a couple of things, but one little change could ruin what I have now. And what I have now is pretty great. I like it. I want to keep it. It took three of us (Schulers) to figure out how old I am. Jessup finally got it. That’s really sad. He said, “But we’re all 5’s, so that means right now we’re all 7’s.” So I’m 37. Ainsley is the oddball. (All of that means that Barry, Jessup, and I were born in a year that ends in 5. Ainsley was born in a year that ended in 8, so she the only one who’s age doesn’t end in a 7). This only proves that Jessup loves being his age, Barry and I would rather forget our own ages, and at some point, Jessup became smarter than us. I think that point was several years ago, but I’m only going to count from last night. I wonder what it would feel like (or sound like) if our ears could fart. Sometimes we have ridiculous conversations in this house. It will be so quiet and sad when the kids are gone. Nothing fun will ever happen again. OK, it will…but it will be so different. Boring. Barry and I aren’t funny enough to live alone. That is all.

Stability – And All The Crap That Comes With It.

Someone told me yesterday that I have beautiful kids. Well, of course I do!

But I think it’s more than looks. It’s attitude. I think it’s that they’re happy kids. They are secure.

I believe that there’s a confidence and a joy that comes with knowing that you have a quiet, happy, love-filled place to go home to at the end of every day, and that you’re not going to walk in to World War 3…or something worse. A house that’s full of people, and completely empty at the same time. A house that silently strangles you with dread and fear every time you walk in. Like a coat of pain, that’s zipped up so tight, you can barely breathe.

There’s a simple joy in stability. I think, I hope, that you can see it every time you look at them.

I am not trying to say that I have some magic formula for happy kids, or that you shouldn’t make the changes that are best for your family. I’m just saying that my kids haven’t had to experience sadness. Not to such an extreme that it’s darkened them.

Sometimes I worry that this is bad. That when sadness comes, and it will come, they won’t know what to do. They won’t know how to deal with it. They watched me (and continue to watch me) go through losing my mom, and I fear that, because of the situation, because of my relationship with her, they haven’t witnessed a healthy grief. Whatever that looks like.

The home I walked into every day, for as long as I can remember, wasn’t happy. There was tension. There was an unspoken sadness. There was an inexplicable fear. I felt dread every time I walked into that huge, heavy, black door with the brass Dexter deadbolt. It was like walking into the unknown every single time. My dad said he would never divorce my mom, and that was it. No matter what kind of crazy stuff she did, or how she hurt him, or me, he kept his word. He quit good-paying jobs to stay home with me, and be there when she was. He took terrible jobs, with terrible hours, so he could be there for me. He did everything he could to make life bearable, and it did. Mostly. He tried to keep his promise, and keep me happy and safe at the same time.

There was an incident when I was in third grade. I only have vague recollections of it, but I remember it being bad. So bad, that he and I moved to California that Summer, and I spent the Summer in Camarillo, California with my grandparents while he found a job nearby and my mom stayed in Arizona. I was told that the only job he could find was in Ventura (12 hours from my home), so he could stay at my Uncle’s house, and I could stay with Granddad and Suze.

Of course, this was quite an adventure for me…a whole summer! Swimming, and going to the beach, and volunteering at a hospital…it was awesome! I don’t really remember missing my mom. I got to talk to her every week on the phone, while my dad was in the room, and then I would leave the room and he would talk to her alone. I had my 8th birthday that summer. I remember him asking me if I wanted to go home or stay in California when the Summer was over. I don’t remember feeling the weight of that question like I do now when I think of it. Had I been any older, I wouldn’t have chosen to go back to her. Only a couple of years later I was fully aware of what it was like to live with her, and how I hated it.

I only ever doubted the “only job I could find” thing after the last phone call I ever had with my dad. It was the day he died…only about an hour before, in fact. He said something about taking me away, but not being able to keep me away. Not being able to break his promise, and that’s why we went back. That a girl shouldn’t grow up without a mom. It was years before I put the two together.

That choice, going back, made me who I am today. Every decision he made, made me who I am today. For better or worse. And isn’t that all we can do as parents? Make the best decisions we can for our kids? Do what we hope is the very best for them, every day, and pray that they don’t get too screwed up in the process?

That’s all I’ve done. I believe that the best thing, the glorious ideal, is for every mom and dad to stay together. Barry and I have had to work very, very hard to do that. There’ve been times…for both of us…that it seemed like too much. But we tried again the next day, and the next, and eventually it all settled out again. There has been so much forgiveness, and letting go, while still holding on to each other. I have found that it’s impossible to hold on to the person and their faults at the same time. You have to let go of one. If you choose the person, you cannot hold on to all the crap that comes with them. If you choose the faults, eventually your clenched fists are holding on to their faults so tightly, that the person you love slips out of your hands. <—Read that part again. It’s the key.

I am not naive. I am completely aware that sometimes it just won’t turn around. It just cannot work out. I have so many friends who’ve given all they had, and it wasn’t enough. I have other friends who’ve stayed too long, and that did more damage than good…especially to their kids. Still others have been broken and damaged in the most painful ways, and have somehow found the courage and strength to forgive and go on. To let the “stuff” go, and hold on to the person.

So here are my questions:

How long do you stay in a situation that is worse than leaving? How long do you stay when you fear for your safety, or that of your kids? How long do you try before you realize that you are broken, and your kids are damaged, and that leaving really is the only option? How much hurt do you endure? How much can you take and still, somehow, stay and fight for the one you love?

Am I damaged? Yes. Have I been broken? Yes. Should my dad have left? I have no idea. I don’t know what it would have been like without my mom. I only know what it was like with her. I know the reality of having two parents that stayed together “for better or worse, in good times and bad, until death parts us”. And death did part them. But sometimes, I think they were parted long before that. Back when I was turning 8 without my mom. Back when I was having such a glorious adventure, and learning to swim, and getting to know my grandparents. I don’t think it was ever the same at home after that. My dad later took a job that got him out of the house regularly, but when he realized what leaving me with her for days at a time meant for me, he quit that job, and took a terrible, smelly, dirty job in town. But he was home every night, and he was the first one the school would call if they needed to.

Sometimes protection is love. Sometimes, when you’re not able to walk away, all you can do is wrap your kids up in your arms, and hold them tight through the storm. Storms still come when you stay. They come and they pound you with all they have, and you get battered and bruised, but when it ends, and the sun is shining again, you pick yourself up, dry yourself off, and go again.

Stability comes in all kinds of packages. Sometimes it comes in one parent at a time, rather than two who aren’t really there at all. Sometime it comes in Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, Guardians, Foster Parents, Adoption…

I can only write from my own experience, only from my side of the story. I can honestly say, that I believe Barry is much easier to live with than I am, so, most of the time, I think he got the raw end of this deal. But he has stuck with me though it all. And I with him. We have held on to each others hands, rather than our faults.

You don’t judge me, and I will never judge you…I will celebrate you for doing what’s best for your kids…no matter what that looks like.

Here’s to real life. To not being glossy and polished, but being dirty and real. To being strong. To being faithful. To forgiveness. To letting go, and holding on tight. To being the best that you can be, for yourself and your kids. *clink*

“Thank God It’s Friday” Brain Dump

I can’t believe it’s been a week since the last one. I’m terrible at writing every day. I’ve been so busy this past week, that I didn’t believe my phone when it said it was Friday. Today I made “Elf Yourself” videos instead of cleaning and baking. (I tried to post them in this BDF, but it wouldn’t work. You can view them on Facebook if we’re friends) Now that’s over, and I can’t think of anything fun to do, so I’m going to have to go clean and bake. We haven’t decorated the tree yet. All of our tree lights are at the church for the prayer walk I helped decorate, and the lights go one the tree first. I want to do a theme tree this year…just colors…and the kids will want their ornaments on the tree. I will very likely give in and give them the tree again. Next year maybe we’ll have two trees. This weekend is going to be the busiest weekend of them all. Four Christmas parties to go to, a Christmas program, another couple hours of hosting the prayer walk… I hadn’t planned on working much this month, and so, over the last couple of months, I committed to several other things. Personal things. Things that keep me in the loop with friends. Things that remind me that there’s a whole world out there…outside of work. Then I find myself getting pressure from on high to sell more, and now I’m so busy, I can’t find the time. I need to get at least one more show in this month. The sad part is, I’ve been enjoying this time away from it. I will be ready to get back to it when the time is right, but, for once, I’m really enjoying the holidays, and I don’t want to work. I’ll work later. This is the first Christmas I’ve really enjoyed in a long time. I have the time to do stuff I want to do, and I’m not too tired to do it. I really do love working for myself. I have to remember that no matter how much pressure there is from those above me, that I do work for myself. I work when I want to. I do what I want to. It’s my business. I am sad today about what happened in Connecticut. It throws me right back to the awful Tuesday when Jessup was in his first week of Kindergarten and the Twin Towers went down. I wanted more than anything to run to his school and grab him, hold him tight in my arms, and never let go. He was five years old, and so little. I cannot imagine what those parents are going through. Someone posted on Facebook today that this is why they homeschool. This? Really? A one in a bazillion chance that something like this could happen, and this is why you homeschool? There are far better reasons to homeschool, and if you’re keeping your kids out of school because you’re too afraid to let them go, then you need to re-evaluate. You’re going to raise fearful children. Mine are aware, not afraid. We don’t homeschool because, for many reasons, it wasn’t right for us. There are things I would definitely change about the education system, even in small-town Iowa, but over-all it’s a decent education. We fill in the gaps as needed. We did homeschool for a while. It was very necessary for a time, and then it became very clear that it was time to stop. Both kids are better for it. So am I, for that matter. I started writing this around 10am, and found myself glued to the TV for far too long watching the news. I just kept getting sadder, so I finally stopped. I printed return address labels for Christmas cards instead. I also printed some gift tags. It’s now 3pm (I have done other stuff, too, not just print labels for 5 hours), and I still have to go clean and bake. I think I’m going to make my Daddy’s Christmas bread this year. Not today, but soon. I finally have my beautiful mixer…and I think it’s time to put it to the test. That is all.


A Fake Holiday, Balloons In Cars, and Rotary Phones

Today is my favorite holiday of the whole year! I remember when I was a kid, we’d all gather around the computer, and my dad would go on the internet and buy Christmas gifts. We’d search for hours online for just the right color for a new sweater for Grandma, or just the right books for Uncle Billy. We looked forward to Cyber Monday all year. Sometimes we’d get free shipping, or a big discount, but we always had a great time. Cocoa, popcorn, Christmas music playing on the iPod in the background. Ahhh…the beautiful memories of my childhood. :) *laughs at own cleverness*

Can you imagine that this will be the story our kids tell their kids? I cannot even dream up what will come after this, but there will be something for our grandkids to tell their kids…something totally different.

What I really remember is going to see my mom at work and having to put on a parka in July because the computer room (yeah…a whole room) was about 30 below 0 all the time. I remember when Atari came out. I remember when it was still a big deal to get your ears pierced…and anything else was verboten. (My mom’s mom used to use that word all the time…I love it!) I remember ice cream shops in pharmacies and grocery stores. I remember being able to play in my front yard without armed guards to keep me from getting attacked, shot, or kidnapped. I remember when there were two kinds of coffee: regular and decaf. I remember Sanka and Brim.

It’s so amazing to me that in less than 37 years, so much has changed. So much has happened. Is it better? Yes. Is it worse? Yes.

Our cars are safer*, but it’s not safe to walk on the sidewalks anymore. We can choose from 31+ flavors of ice cream, but now instead of a smile, you get a crabby teen who thinks they’re not getting paid enough. ($7.25 is a lot more than the $2.10 you would have gotten in 1975) Minimum wage was $4.25 when I graduated high school. My first job was $5.50/hour and I thought I could buy the moon. The cost of living back then was so much lower. Gas was cheaper…around $1.15 per gallon. Food was cheaper. Homes were less expensive.

I don’t want to go backwards…I love my Mac and my iPhone just as much as the next person. Probably more. I love the looks I get when I say that phones used to have a rotary dial and cords that attached to the wall. Then I love having to go Google “rotary dial” because they don’t know what that means.

I tried for years to keep an address book, and I have to admit, I finally gave it up. It was actually hard to keep it up. Paper calendars are hard, too. Along with the ease and convenience of today’s technology, comes a responsibility.

You must practice keeping in touch. You must try to talk to people face-to-face each day. You cannot live your whole life texting, and calling, and emailing. Human contact is necessary. It keeps us sane. It helps us practice our manners and social graces. It reminds us that we’re not alone.

So I challenge you: Don’t text your neighbor. Go over. Say hello. Don’t email your co-worker. Walk over to their desk and ask about their day. Don’t conference call people in the same city/town…get together. Drink one of 74 kinds of coffee, and sit around a table together. One of my challenges for the coming year is to be more social. Not less “tech-y”…more social.

I am totally crazy about having everything I need for an entire day in the form of an iPhone, but I’ll go totally crazy if I rely on that for my sole communication. It’s beyond convenient that whatever I type into my phone “magically” appears on my computer via iCloud…and vice versa, but I still need people. We all still need people.

It kind-of makes me sad that there’s an entire “holiday” based around purposely not seeing anyone face-to-face. Yes, it’s easy, and there are great deals, and it’s just one day, but it’s also a scary trend that is happening more and more. We can work from home, order groceries to be delivered to our home, and shop online from home. I love my home…but it’s important to leave it and go have human contact. I’m not condemning anyone. I’m just stating my opinion. Which is totally right regardless of what you think.

I will freely admit that I have used Skype with Jessup while we were both home. Different floors, so it’s totally ok. Stairs are hard.

This is what was on my mind today. I think I’m going to head out and see if I can find someone to talk to. That is all.

*This is questionable. We’re all supposed to be protected by balloons instead of steel. We’re driving cars you cannot even hear. And don’t even get me started on the Smart car. Smart…Pffffffft! Only if by “smart” you mean “will be squished like a bug”.

A Long Post About Pretty Doors, and Flow, and Basketball Players

Since last Friday, we’ve been doing a slight remodel on the house. We’ve gotten a new side door (that actually locks-don’t tell anyone we lived here for over a year with a sketchy door) and a new storm door for the front of the house.

We could see daylight through the framing of the side door, and underneath the front door, and our energy bill is higher than we’d like, so we had to fix it. I was afraid to spend the money, especially since the doors had to be custom ordered (more about our old house and its’ weird doors in a minute). I don’t like to spend a lot of money, but Barry is sure as he can be that is (one of the reasons) why our energy bill is so high, and he promises that this will help.

*stands with hands on hips, tapping foot, waiting for the next energy bill*

Here is the old side door with the crappy broken storm door:

The door will make a wonderful crafty project at a later date, so we will keep it. The storm door and frame are gone, and we have a beautiful, newly framed door in place of this. Do you see that small silver plate just below the window in the pic of the storm door just above this paragraph? Well, one night the wind caught the door and almost ripped it right off the house. It wouldn’t close properly after that, so Barry went out and jimmied it so that the door would close again. Two screws were sticking through the outside of that door, and, while it was ugly, it fixed the door temporarily.

Now we’ve come to the part of the story where I tell you that if it’s not nails, paint, screws, or duct tape, it is beyond our level of home improvement skills. We hired a friend from church to install the doors for us. Here are some pics of the work being done:

Having a huge hole on the side of our house for most of a day was very strange. I’m just happy we did not acquire any new “pets” (or kids) during that time. We also locked up the cats, so they were perfectly safe.

Bye-bye old doors… and good riddance to the storm door.

Hello pretty new side door, with your gorgeous, brushed-silver doorknob. (I have to secretly say, though, that I am really going to miss the old door knob. I liked it so much. However the brushed-silver knob, with a working dead-bolt lock, is nice, too)

When I saw the hole in the plaster around our door, I was beyond relieved that we didn’t take this project on ourselves. Thank God we know our limits.

Look! The hole is patched. Even though I don’t have a picture of it, Craig also primed the whole wall around the door, so that when we re-paint (next project) we won’t have to worry about priming it. It will probably be a few weeks before we paint the hallway here, so it will be white for a while. I’m still thinking about what colors I want to come home to.

He also put up trim around the whole door.

Isn’t it just beautiful??? We are so happy. Although we’re still getting used to not having two doors, getting groceries in is SO much easier. The old storm door use to come after you like a rabid wolf, and if you didn’t jump in and get out of the way, the door would try to eat your foot. I lost a shoe or got a bruise from that old door more than once. This new door is so much nicer.

The fun thing (I use “fun” as loosely as possible here. Feel free to replace it with “expensive”) about owning a very old home (over 100 years) is that the doors, if original, are all custom made to fit each and every doorway. I think it’s the opposite now. The doorways are made to fit the standard size doors, and if you do anything else, it’s crazy expensive. In our home, they ONLY fit THAT doorway. We have (except for the new side door, basement doors, and back door) all of the original five-panel doors that were installed when the home was built. When we replaced the side door it was not a typical size, so the door had to be custom ordered. That’s why all the mess of re-framing and such had to be done. The new side door is wider. A professional was hired. We are not stupid, just frugal. We can paint. We cannot re-frame. We are smart enough to know our limits.

Now to the front door. The front door is the original door. It is OLD. When we originally looked at the house years ago (when it was first up for sale, and I put my foot down with a shaking finger, and a firm “No. It does not have air-conditioning, and I will NEVER live in a home with no A/C”) there was a storm door on the front of the house. It was in poor shape, but it seemed to do the job nicely enough. In my mind, the storm door has a few functions. Mainly, keeping the weather OUT, keeping the cats IN – while letting a breeze blow through the house, and PROTECTING the front door.

For whatever reason (I think because it was so crappy) the storm door was removed before we bought the house (still with no A/C – and after I priced having it installed, it will stay that way).

The front door of our home is SEVEN FEET tall. If that doesn’t sound very high, think of it this way: Most professional basketball players (average height in the NBA is 6’7″) would not have to duck – at all – walking through our home. Those are tall doorways. Our ceilings are 10 feet in most of the home, so the doorways don’t seem that high.

The front of the house looked funny. I couldn’t quite explain it. I thought it was the ugly porch color, so we painted it a pretty ocean blue. Not it. I thought it was the empty porch, so we got new porch furniture to fill it up. Not it. It was the door. The front of our house is white, with dark shutters on some of the windows (not too many-just enough)…and the problem was this big, tall, brown door. It looked out of place. It kind of messed up the flow of the house. I love brown, but it was bothering me. It was kind-of like, white…white…white…BROWN!…white…white…white. Does that make sense? Barry will NOT let me paint the front door, so I was stuck. I couldn’t figure out how to get the flow going. I’m happy to report that the flow is back! (And much to his delight – and, honestly, my own as well – the door is still brown)

It only took half a day for our friend Craig to install it, so I don’t have any “during” photos. You’ll survive, I’m sure. Here are the pics of the front door:

I almost missed getting a “before” pic. He’s so quick to get started :)

This is a view from inside, after the storm door is installed, and you can’t even see it! That is exactly what I wanted. I love having that big window in our front door, and the view we’ve always had is still there! YAY!

Still from the inside of the house, but with the front door open. It’s a split-screen storm door, meaning the top part is screened, and the glass from the top slides down to the bottom to give you great air flow, while your view still remains as full as possible. This way we can finally get some air flow from the front of the house, without having the front door gaping open and losing our cats. (They would only go under the front porch since once they got out they’d immediately freak and hide. But still, it’s a pain to get under there to dig them out.)

A couple close shots of the door so you can see how great it looks! The second one is off a little so that I’m not in it. This reminds me that it’s time for a new “welcome” mat. This one is getting pretty faded. I hope Target has another one just like it. Maybe I should buy a few of them… Oh right! Back to the doors…sorry.

This is only important to me…but my pretty mailbox and the door handles match (as closely as possible). I refuse to move my mailbox, and it was important to me, since they’re so close together, that they are as close to the same as possible.

This last pic is as much of the front of the house as I could manage without getting too much of the trees. We have two beautiful, big trees in the front yard, and while they provide a lot of shade, and cool, rustling sounds, and cooler temps, and sound amazing during a rainstorm, they are in the way of getting a great, straight pic of the front of our house.

I tried.

See what I mean about the flow? It looks “finished” now.

So, there you have it…the last week of our lives. And hopefully cheaper energy bills to make the price of two custom doors and installation worth it in the long run.

*crosses fingers*

Brain Dump Friday

Giraffes are my favorite thing about going to the zoo.
I have had such a great week with my girl! A whole week, (mostly) just the two of us.
I love aquariums. As a place to go, they make for a great date or family outing. Especially when they have the tunnel you can walk through so the fish are all around you. It’s aaaaah-may-zing!
Our side door is being replaced today. A huge thank you to our friend, Cindy, for loaning us her husband again. Hopefully between this, and the new storm door we get next week, our energy bill will go down. A hot house for a couple of days, is ok for a cooler/warmer house the rest of our lives. Considering there is not an ounce of insulation in any of the walls (thank you very much previous owners for siding the house and not doing insulation first, so now we have to remove siding and drill holes-someday), we need all the help we can get.
I’m trying to come up with some kind of crafty thing to do with the old door. It’s a gorgeous door. Probably over-painted, but the glass is in really good shape. I don’t think it will fit any other doorways in the house, so I’m thinking about making it into some sort of organizational piece, or DIY decor of some kind. We don’t need a coffee table, but that would be an amazing idea. (we have a huge ottoman that came with our even-more-huge couch) I’m going to keep looking at blogs and Pinterest to see what I can come up with. (qualification: what I can come up with, that Barry will say “OK” to)
I finally made a zoo photo album today. Take a look.
I am missing my son more than I can say. I got to talk to him for almost 20 minutes last night. I was smiling as I went to sleep. It was the best I’ve slept all week. I cannot wait for him to be home.
A lot is on my mind, but it’s probably best that I not share it all today. I hope you have a great Friday, and a great weekend.
That is all.