Brain Dump Friday

This is the 13th Brain Dump I’ve done…although I think it’s only the 13th with no extra to the title…so it’s technically not the 13th, but it is. So if it just says “Brain Dump Friday”, then it’s number 13, but if there’s anything added to it, like “blah blah blah Edition”, then it’s not the 13th. I have more argyle socks than I have polka dot socks. Does this mean I actually like argyle more than polka dots? GASP! NO! It just means that there are less polka dot socks to choose from. Or that I’m pickier with dots than I am with other styles. I can’t like argyle more because then I’d have to re-do my mixer, and that would be so much work. Can you imagine argyle-ing a mixer? That would be really hard. I could do it. I just don’t want to. My small wallet matches my mixer. I wonder if I can find socks to match it. Then I’d have “baking socks”. I dreamt about what’s going to be happening on Saturday night. It went well. I hope that’s a good sign. I was reminded this week that no matter how well you think you know your kids, you don’t. Not necessarily in a bad way. But for every thing that they tell you, there’s a lot more under the surface. They really are capable of showing you only what they want to show you. (Which means they just turned out like you-scary!) There’s this whole life they live inside their heads, just like we do, where they aren’t who you think they are. Where they are scared, or angry, or hurt, and there’s nothing you can do about it unless they tell you, and if they choose not to tell you, then you are left feeling helpless. You are left standing…begging to help them. They may or may not let you help them, and it scares you because you wonder, if they are so young and already broken in some way, is it your fault? Is it something you did? Didn’t do? Did you ignore or miss something? Are you doing something that you aren’t even aware of? The older they get the scarier it is…IMO. I really struggled with this on Wednesday. It was a bad, bad day. I have a brand new label maker (inherited) and no batteries to make it run. I can only imagine all the fun I might have with a label maker…and yet it just sits. Waiting for batteries. This blog had 23 views on my busiest day. Considering no one reads this nonsense, that’s pretty good. It means that 23 people accidentally stumbled upon this blog. They probably looked around and found all the cobwebs that gather here when it’s not Friday, and bailed. I should write more. I have a couple things I’ve been wanting to write about, but between the hysterical sobbing on Wednesday, and the migraine I’ve been fighting since then, not to mention the busy-ness of life, I haven’t done it yet. Right this minute, I can’t even remember what it was I wanted to write about. I thought about live-blogging cleaning out my desk, but that would probably ensure that I don’t ever have 23 readers again. If you saw my calendar for this past week, you’d probably pass out. Speaking of passing out, I may not survive November 3rd. I’m just giving you fair warning so that you can enjoy these brain dumps while they last. November 2nd may be the last one. Why does “dreamt” sound like it has a “P” in it, but it doesn’t? I’ve said it lots of different ways, and every time I hear a “P”. I’m sorry you had to sit through this…That is all.


Baking…made better.


I have this thing for polka dots. It’s not just that I like polka dots.

It’s more of an obsession.

I saw this pin on Pinterest, and I bought the dots immediately. (Even though I didn’t yet own a stand mixer.)

I’ve wanted one for years, and I knew that if I bought the dots, I’d have to finally break down and buy one. Otherwise, the money I spent on the dots would be wasted, because I’d never be able to figure out just the right thing to do with the dots. (I get overwhelmed easily)

Dave’s wife did it first, and sold me the dots, so all credit goes to her!

Here she is, the newest addition to my kitchen! Isn’t she just gorgeous???