Table AND Chairs…what a concept!

We finally got a kitchen table. We’ve had one since we moved in, but we haven’t had any chairs for it, so we have just been using metal folding chairs. Those are not comfy. So the old one goes to the basement to (hopefully) become a sewing table, and the new one takes its’ place (and leaves a lot more space for the humans to roam around in the kitchen)

Here it is! It goes with my pretty red teapot, and my polka dot mixer!

I think it’s just wonderful, and soon the walls won’t be red anymore, and it will be a less overwhelming color in my kitchen. I’d like red to be the accent (pop) color, rather than the main color.

I have big ideas for the walls, too.

Stay tuned…


Baking…made better.


I have this thing for polka dots. It’s not just that I like polka dots.

It’s more of an obsession.

I saw this pin on Pinterest, and I bought the dots immediately. (Even though I didn’t yet own a stand mixer.)

I’ve wanted one for years, and I knew that if I bought the dots, I’d have to finally break down and buy one. Otherwise, the money I spent on the dots would be wasted, because I’d never be able to figure out just the right thing to do with the dots. (I get overwhelmed easily)

Dave’s wife did it first, and sold me the dots, so all credit goes to her!

Here she is, the newest addition to my kitchen! Isn’t she just gorgeous???